Glass Luxe Maxi - Half a Dozen Roses
  • Glass Luxe Maxi - Half a Dozen Roses

    Glass Luxe Collection is full of sophistication and class. These beautiful premium roses are perfectly arranged in these elegant and eco-friendly flower boxes. These luxe glass flower boxes are customizable as giveaways and/or table names for your bridal shower and wedding . Other colors are also available.
    Purest White: Purest White Glass Luxe Box is the epitome of pure energy. It brings undeniable serenity to any space it occupies no wonder it is one of our best sellers.


    Gorgeous Red: Gorgeous Red Precious Box is the true essence of a warm hug, one great love, and true passion. A perfect gift to show someone you love your sincere heart.


    White Chocolate: White Chocolate Glass Luxe Box represents pure love. It is simple yet so creamy and elegant. This color is the most popular color in the world that is universally used in weddings and other romantic celebrations.