Early Summer Morning Soy Candle
  • Early Summer Morning Soy Candle

    Renata inspired this candle by sharing a story about her journey from Russia to Spain, to Abu Dhabi, to US and finally to UK.


    Renata remembers the mornings in Kazan when the grass has just been freshly mown outside her house, and when the air fills up with ozone right before the storm is about to cover the city.


    Freshly cut grass and Before the Storm Fragrance oils


    Candle size is shown as 8 fl oz. Also available in 10 fl oz for $31.00 each.


    -8oz Candle
    - Natural Soy Wax
    - 100% Recyclable Glass Candle Container
    - Non-Toxic Fragrance oils
    - Wooden Wick
    - Long-Lasting Scent