Wedding with Masks

COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

Due to the current restrictions and circumstances pertaining to Covid19, our company is taking the following steps to do our part in helping reduce the spread of the virus and to comply with the instructions provided by the Canadian government and appointed medical professionals:

  • All planners and coordinators will wear masks during any and all functions. This policy will be in place until it is no longer mandatory to wear masks in public spaces, which will be decided by Canada's medical professionals.

  • Functions occurring at this time can only proceed with 10 people (officiant and planner included), with no reception, practicing social distancing and complying with other precautions ordered by health officials. This includes masks, hand sanitizer, and taking down contact information of everyone present. These restrictions are in place until February 5th, 2021 ending at midnight. Provided they do not extend this deadline, weddings will be permitted to continue in a group size that is complicit with the new restrictions yet to be determined by Canadian government and medical professionals.

  • All functions booked at this time for a future date (July 1st 2021 - December 31st 2021) that experience any cancellations relating to Covid19 will receive a refund for any services not yet rendered, including the non-refundable deposit. The planner will also assist the couple in obtaining refunds from other vendors if applicable.

  • Bookings for 2021 will be reviewed as a case by case scenario. We will continue planning with added contingency plans and new precautions in place depending on what is ordered by health officials at that time. Decisions will be made depending on how close your wedding date is.

  • All meetings with planners and coordinators will be done remotely until a safe office space environment can return.

  • Destination Weddings can only be booked for as early as January 2022 until further notice.

  • Any style shoots wanting to book with us must have only one model, no couples or group shots until the government restrictions have been lifted. All style shoot vendors onsite will be required to bring a personal hand sanitizer and a mask.


Should you have any questions relating to our C19 procedures, please Contact Us or email us at

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