Wedding with Masks

COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

UPDATED: October 20th, 2021

All of the following information relating to Covid-19 is only applicable within the province of British Columbia. For the direct source of information please click HERE

If you are planning a wedding in another country or in Canada, outside of British Columbia, please contact us directly with any Covid-19 concerns.

Due to the current restrictions and circumstances pertaining to Covid-19, our company is taking the following steps to do our part to comply with the instructions provided by the Canadian government, and appointed medical professionals:

  • Please be advised that venues may be checking your guest's vaccine status prior to them entering your wedding on the day of. This policy is in place until January 31st 2022, however can be extended at the discretion of the Provincial Government.

  • Some venues are leaving vaccination checks up to the venue renter independently (you the couple). While we support the government and our team is fully vaccinated, SRW will not be held responsible for checking vaccine status. We do have some recommendations for third party companies you can hire to check vaccine status.

  • Most venues are now asking vendors to provide proof of vaccination upon entering your wedding. This is a "grey area" and is up to each individual venue. Please check with your venue if your vendors must be vaccinated or ensure the vendors you are booking have had at least one vaccination. If your wedding is on, or after October 24th, 2021 they would require full vaccination. This can be anyone from those delivering your rental items to the photographer or even officiant.

  • All planners and coordinators will be wearing masks during any and all functions when indoors to comply with the current regulations. Planners and coordinators may wear masks at outdoor functions at their own personal discretion.

  • All events proceeding at this time must have a Communicable Diseases Plan in place. Please ask your venue for one and if they cannot provide this, we will be happy to assist at no additional cost.

  • Indoor weddings occurring at this time can now proceed at full capacity, provided everyone is vaccinated. Dancing is not permitted at indoor events and a mask must be worn inside except for when seated. Venues can determine their own table limitations.

  • Outdoor weddings occurring at this time can proceed at full capacity. Dancing is permitted at outdoor events, and masks are not mandatory outside. 

  • We will continue planning for 2022 and 2023 with added contingency plans and new precautions in place reflecting what is currently ordered by health officials at the time of booking, and the time of the wedding.

  • Any 2022 weddings that experience cancellations due to Covid-19 will be able to postpone their wedding up to one time at no additional cost within SRW availability. This cancellation must come from your venue.

  • Any in-person meetings with your planner require you to have had at least one vaccination at this time. If your meeting is on or after October 24th, 2021, you must be fully vaccinated before meeting with your planner and coordinator in person. If you are not vaccinated, you can meet with our planners and coordinators via Zoom until government regulations have changed. This policy will be revised January 31st, 2022.

  • Destination Weddings can only be booked for January 2022 or later at this time.


These regulations are provided by the government of Canada, and not by Samantha Rose Weddings (unless specific to company policies).


Should you have any questions relating to our C19 procedures, please Contact Us or email us at